Dennis Finnegan

Photo by Paul Mueller

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Film Music

by Dennis Finnegan

Music from the film by Chris Willging

Music composed and performed by Dennis Finnegan

Recorded by Dave Wellhausen at Fantasy Recording Studios in Berkeley, Ca in 2000.

Remixed by Myles Boisen in 2017.

The film Standing at Ground Zero was originally released in 2001.

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From Madcat Film Festival:

"Standing at Ground Zero" (Chris Willging, 2001, 17 min, color, 16mm, USA) Uses one man's experiences during World War II to create a stirring story of war, accountability and humanity. Warren Kreml was only a teen when he was drafted; through his retelling of the events he experienced and through the use of archival footage, the viewer is taken on a journey through Nagasaki just after the atomic bomb was detonated. With haunting original music and the calm and thoughtful words of one soldier turned pastor. An honest and intimate story of transcendence and forgiveness.