Dennis Finnegan

Photo by Paul Mueller

Along Came Jones cd cover.jpg

Along Came Jones/Waving Goodbye

by Along Came Jones

It’s all about the songs. Along Came Jones play the songs of Dennis Finnegan and Johny Blood, two musicians who have been writing together since they met working at a music festival in Wyoming in the 1990s. Finnegan/Blood write songs in a style informed by a century of popular music tradition. Songs of travel and loss; hope and regret, lost friends, long happy nights; birds and preachers.  You'll find yourself in church or at a honky-tonk, in Nashville, Bakersfield, New Orleans, Chicago, or MemphisMostly though, you'll hear the sounds of home, sweet home - Oakland, CA.

The band’s collective musical experience and interests are also a journey through 20th century music: traditional folk and blues, old-school pop, 60s-psychedelic and classic country, with a chaser of R&B and jazz. The members of Along Came Jones have played with such diverse performers as Tom Waits, Fred Frith, Magnetic Fields, and Arturo O'Farrill, to name but a few. 

So, here's a sample from their first 2 recordings: The self-titled Along Came Jones & the follow-up recording Waving Goodbye